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Phoenix provides professionally trained interpreters and translators for clients across a wide variety of settings, such as medical, legal, educational, and social services, among others.
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We are a proud primary provider of onsite and remote language access services to businesses, social service organizations, healthcare providers, and major healthcare systems in the Greater Philadelphia area.


The need for professional interpreters is constant in settings such as healthcare and emergent situations. Our remote and onsite interpreters are available to meet your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Why Use A
Professional Interpreter

Our vetted, professionally trained interpreters will interpret everything that has been said, exactly as it has been said. Facilitating effective communication with people who have limited or no English proficiency, or who communicate using American Sign Language, is not only the best practice, but also a wise business decision.


Top of the line, effective communication


Enhanced compliance


Better outcomes


Culturally and linguistically appropriate community engagement

The Advantages Of Our Translation Services

While an interpreter converts the spoken word from one language to another, a translator converts the written word from one language to another. Using our experienced translators who are subject-matter experts, we can provide translation and localization services in any language for small to large projects, such as compliance documents, marketing materials, software, and websites. All file formats are accepted.

Core Medical Interpreter Training® Program

The Core Medical Interpreter Training® (CMIT®), in affiliation with The National Institute for Coordinated Health Care (NICHC), is offered in classroom and online learning environments. Currently, we are observing the recommended COVID-19 guidelines, and CMIT® is offered 100% online.

The CMIT® program provides students with intensive training to prepare them for a healthcare interpreting career and national certification.

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Phoenix Interpreter Management System (IMS)®

Our goal is to help you respond efficiently to your interpreter management needs by providing online access to our IMS™, which allows you to control and monitor your workflow from anywhere. Our IMS™ can be integrated with your electronic health/medical records software.

“I would recommend learning more about Interpreter Services by connecting with Nicole and Phoenix Language Services.”

– Bridgett Battles

"Phoenix Language Services has a wonderful team of professional and qualified interpreters ready to assist non-English clients in more than 50 different languages. As a medical and healthcare certified interpreter myself, as well as coordinator of Interpreter Services of Jefferson - Abington Hospital, I highly recommend Nicole and her team at Phoenix Language Services."

– Thaisa Mendes

"I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole and her team out of an emergency situation. My home care company started working with senior independent living buildings and many have different languages spoken. We are being helped with Japanese, Mandarin-Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Korean, Cantonese-Chinese, Indian-Hindu, Spanish and Russian. I highly recommend Phoenix to all."

– Michael Paternoster

"As an insider from 2004-2012, I witnessed how the company encourages their interpreters to reach the highest level of certification possible and supports them through the process."

– Abigail Orozco

"The services provided by Phoenix are exceptional and to this day they continue to provide quality services at affordable prices. I will recommend Nicole and her company to any institution in need of qualified language assistance. Phoenix has a vast pool of Professional Medical Interpreters who meet all Federal and State regulations."

– Angel L Pagan
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