William R. Martin


William R. Martin was born and raised in Philadelphia, a son of Cuban parents. In college, he pursued a degree in philosophy, but it was his many travels around the world that ultimately made clear his philosophy in life.

As a fluent speaker of Spanish, Bill discovered his passion for languages as he helped his limited-English proficient mother navigate living in a country surrounded by a language she did not understand. His years spent in South America gave him a great insight into the linguistic and cultural diversity of Spanish, his second language, as well as the Latin culture.

Bill began working as a medical interpreter in the early 90’s when he founded Phoenix Language Services. His dedication and perseverance to provide the finest in linguistic services and medical interpreter training was his life’s mission. As a result, Phoenix has maintained a leading position in establishing the quality standard in providing language access services. His standards of practice were transparent, consistent, and he always set the bar high to ensure that the Phoenix staff and interpreters provide an unparalleled experience.

Bill passed away in May of 2020, but his vision remains. In Phoenix, he has left a legacy of principles, values, and continued enthusiasm for learning, and most importantly, being the best at what we do. His passion continues to touch the lives of many by ensuring that their voices would be heard in multiple languages. For that, we get the best reward…the sincere and heartfelt “Thank you” we hear repeatedly from our limited-English proficient clientele.