Phoenix Language Services, Inc. has been the primary provider for language access services for many institutions throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area since 1993. Our services include system-wide language access program development, professionally trained on-site interpreters (spoken & ASL), as well as remote interpreting services (telephonic, video remote interpreting, and telehealth interpreting). All of our interpreters are vetted, and we provide ongoing training for our medical interpreters utilizing current national “Best Practice” standards as defined by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) and the International Medical Interpreters Association (IMIA). Our training programs include continuing education for medical interpreters, cultural competence, Spanish terminology for healthcare professionals, health literacy, nutrition literacy, and patient care coordination.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Phoenix Language Services, Inc. is to assure that the LEP population has full and equal access to quality health care, legal, social, and public health services by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate interpretation and translation. We strive to advance the development of professional interpreting services by implementing and surpassing the National Standards of Practice in providing qualified and professionally trained interpreters.


Phoenix Language Services, Inc. seeks to provide comprehensive solutions to tackle the challenges that organizations face when providing services to limited-English proficient populations. Through the optimization of linguistic and cultural interactions, our goal is to ensure compliance, safety, and better outcomes.

Business Ethics

It is the policy of Phoenix Language Services, Inc. to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards. We are committed to being a company whose conduct is characterized by integrity, consistency, and transparency. Phoenix Language Services, Inc. was founded in 1993 and incorporated in 1997. Since then, we have continued to provide language access services for more than 28 years, meeting and exceeding the recommended National Standards of Practice. Our quality-driven process begins with recruiting and vetting prospective medical interpreters, and offering various training and professional development opportunities to effectively serve our clients and a growing limited-English proficient population in the United States. Since 2003, we have trained thousands of medical interpreters, focusing on professional development, qualifications and credential requirements such as linguistic and interpreting proficiency, national certification examinations, as well as offering numerous continuing education opportunities. In 2012, we expanded our services to include a cloud-based application called Interpreter Management System (IMS), which provides solutions to the many challenges of managing language access requests, interpreters, interpreter credentialing process, as well as the integration with electronic health records applications. Our core values are: quality, transparency, and integrity.

Since 1993, Phoenix Language Services, Inc. has been a proud provider of language access services to the major health systems in the Greater Philadelphia Area and multiple healthcare and legal offices throughout the tri-state area.