Language Access Services

Our team of seasoned professionals can guide your organization in the development and enhancement of a comprehensive language access program utilizing the knowledge and professional experience we have gained since 1993.

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Medical & Healthcare

Our medical or healthcare interpreter services provide comprehensive and successful communication to help mitigate the risks of misdiagnosis and malpractice. We offer our services for all inpatient and outpatient clinical settings, as well as training for providers in the best practices to optimize the use of appropriate language access services.

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Remote Services

Our remote services include over-the-phone interpreter (OPI) and video remote interpreter (VRI) services for clients with limited English proficiency, and for deaf or hard of hearing individuals, when onsite services are not needed.

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Since 2003, we have trained thousands of medical interpreters, focusing on professional development, qualifications, and credential requirements, such as linguistic and interpreting proficiency, national certification examinations, as well as offering numerous continuing education opportunities.

Social Services & Government

Interpreter services are offered both onsite and remote. Settings include the home, public housing, and mental health facilities to enable communication between our social services and government clients, and limited-English proficient individuals, and deaf or hard of hearing individuals and their families.

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Our interpreter services are offered both onsite and remote for an array of professional settings to facilitate accurate communication between you and your clients.

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Our legal interpreter services, certified and non-certified, are offered both onsite and remote in a variety of settings.

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Both onsite and remote interpreter services are offered in academic settings to foster communication between our clients, students, and their families.

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Our conference interpreter services are offered both onsite and remote, and we can accommodate requests for consecutive and simultaneous interpreting to best suit your conference needs.

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Translation & Localization

Our translation and localization services are offered to clients in conjunction with interpreter services or standalone.

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Interpreter Management System (IMS)®

Utilize IMS™, an online, cloud-based software, as an interpreter request and scheduling solution.


How can I become an interpreter with Phoenix?

Send an email to with proof of interpreting training, linguistic proficiency of all working languages, and your current resume. We will be in contact with you upon receipt.

What does OPI and VRI stand for?

“OPI” means over-the-phone or telephonic interpreting. “VRI” means video remote interpreting.

What do I need to register for the training (CMIT®) program?

There is only one requirement: proof of linguistic proficiency in English and one target language. For more information go to CMIT® FAQs.

Will I be a certified interpreter after taking the course?

Core Medical Interpreter Training™ (CMIT™) is a basic medical interpreter training course. Training is NOT certification. For more information go to CMIT™ FAQs.

What is the difference between a certified and non-certified legal interpreter?

A certified interpreter achieves certification through the Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) after having successfully passed both the written and oral exams.

Is the Interpreter Management System® (IMS™) scheduling software mobile-friendly?

Yes, you can use IMS™ on your mobile device. For more information, or to request a demo, please contact us.

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