Phoenix Language Services, Inc. has been raising the standard for quality language access services since 1993. Our staff and interpreters are committed to providing an unparalleled experience.

Language Service Standards

Phoenix requires the following minimum credentials from all professional interpreters:


A baccalaureate degree, or evidence of prior college education, is strongly suggested.

Linguistic Proficiency

All independent contractors working as interpreters with Phoenix must be tested and demonstrate linguistic proficiency in English and the target language(s) through one or more of the nationally-normed, psychometrically-valued linguistic proficiency exams, or equivalent documentation, as suggested by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

Medical Interpreter Training
  • Successful completion of the 60-100-hour Core Medical Interpreter Training® (CMIT®) program, or documentation of successful completion of a recognized CMIT® equivalent and/or certificate program, with a minimum of 40+ hours of specialized medical interpreter training is mandatory. CMIT® is a nationally-recognized medical interpreter training program.
  • All interpreters must go through a selection process and Phoenix Language Services Practicum.
  • All Phoenix contract interpreters are subject to random onsite continuing evaluations performed by interpreter evaluators, based on the guidelines and standards set forth by the International Medical Interpreter Association(IMIA) and the NCIHC.
Work-Related Clearances And Documentation

All independent contractors working as interpreters with Phoenix must provide documentation to prove work eligibility, background clearances, up-to-date medical and immunization clearances, HIPAA training, and other client-specific requirements.

Interpreter Recruiting, Training, And Deployment

We recruit, train, vet, and deploy trained and credentialed spoken and sign language interpreters.

Why Phoenix

"... I wanted to reach out to acknowledge the interpreter that was with us through much of the bereavement, [Portuguese Interpreter]. [Interpreter's] empathy, kindness, and dedication to supporting families was so clear. This is a family who spoke no English or Spanish and are recent immigrants in the last year. [Interpreter] provided consistent, compassionate support in an extremely challenging and sad case of a previously healthy child. . . . [Interpreter] truly was a bridge between the family and their access to meeting their basic needs and support during such a difficult time too. [Interpreter] went above and beyond, and her empathy and compassion were so clear and admirable the entire time. Several team members including doctors and nurses wanted to ensure [Interpreter] was recognized in some way for her work and dedication.”

– Provider

“On behalf of the . . . course co-directors and staff, I want to express our deep appreciation for the commendable professionalism and collaboration we experienced with the teams of interpreters that worked with us this week . . . at the . . . course. . . . Their participation was well-received by our course participants and our group moderators. Please share this enthusiastic feedback with each of them: [Mandarin Interpreters], [Spanish Interpreters], [Vietnamese Interpreters], and [the Russian Interpreters]. We are so grateful to work with Phoenix interpreters, staff, and leaders, and we look forward to continued partnership in our work to increase language access and equity.”

– Hospital Linguistics Department Administration

" I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience with our Spanish interpreter . . . today. She went above and beyond for the patient & her family. She escorted the patient and her family to other floors for testing and stayed much longer than scheduled. She helped [interpret the] coordinat[ion of] her care as she is very medically complex. The patient saw about 7-8 providers today and all complimented how wonderful it was to work with [Interpreter]."

– Provider

“I wanted to give a shout out and recognition to [Portuguese Interpreter], the bedside interpreter that was here today 11/17 for the 130‐7pm shift. She was excellent and very professional. She assisted with de‐escalating the patient. As a team with a difficult patient we were very grateful to have her. She went above and beyond to calm the patient down to avoid patient from being put in restraints.”

– Provider

"This week, we had an incredibly difficult and sad situation with one of our international families. [Arabic Interpreter] has not only been an incredible support as interpreter to the family and the clinical team but also to our team. She communicated appropriately relevant information back to our team in a timely manner which ensured that we were prepared for the next day. [Arabic Interpreter] is an outstanding and bright professional and exceptionally kind person.”

– Provider

“I wanted to reach out to you to share an excellent experience I recently had with [Spanish Interpreter]. Within a speech-language evaluation, we had a patient who refused to speak to unfamiliar adults throughout the entire visit—obviously not an ideal situation when assessing language! [Interpreter] problem solved with me and the family and was extremely patient and understanding as we tried multiple ideas. We ultimately stepped out of the room and he interpreted the patient’s interaction with his mother remotely via observation equipment. In the end, we were able to gather enough information to help us make an appropriate plan for the patient and family—something that would not have been possible without such a diligent interpreter. This is just one example of [Interpreter’s] excellent work with our department. Interpreting within speech-language evaluations and therapy is a particular challenge that requires open communication between the interpreter and the provider. [Interpreter] recognizes the intricacies and nuances of speech and language (grammar, phonetics, etc) and is very careful and specific in his interpretation. In all of my interactions with [Interpreter], he consistently goes above and beyond for patients. We would be grateful to have [Interpreter] scheduled as a Spanish or Portuguese interpreter within our department as much as possible.”

– Provider

"Thank you to all who cared for [the patient, including] the caring Cantonese interpreter who provided immeasurable support to the patients' parents during her last days."

– Provider

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