Phoenix Language Services, Inc. has been raising the standard for quality language access services since 1993. Our staff and interpreters are committed to providing an unparalleled experience.

Language Service Standards

Phoenix requires the following minimum credentials from all professional interpreters:


A baccalaureate degree, or evidence of prior college education, is strongly suggested.

Linguistic Proficiency

All independent contractors working as interpreters with Phoenix must be tested and demonstrate linguistic proficiency in English and the target language(s) through one or more of the nationally-normed, psychometrically-valued linguistic proficiency exams, or equivalent documentation, as suggested by the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC).

Medical Interpreter Training
  • Successful completion of the 60-100-hour Core Medical Interpreter Training® (CMIT®) program, or documentation of successful completion of a recognized CMIT® equivalent and/or certificate program, with a minimum of 40+ hours of specialized medical interpreter training is mandatory. CMIT® is a nationally-recognized medical interpreter training program.
  • All interpreters must go through a selection process and Phoenix Language Services Practicum.
  • All Phoenix contract interpreters are subject to random onsite continuing evaluations performed by interpreter evaluators, based on the guidelines and standards set forth by the International Medical Interpreter Association(IMIA) and the NCIHC.
Work-Related Clearances And Documentation

All independent contractors working as interpreters with Phoenix must provide documentation to prove work eligibility, background clearances, up-to-date medical and immunization clearances, HIPAA training, and other client-specific requirements.

Interpreter Recruiting, Training, And Deployment

We recruit, train, vet, and deploy trained and credentialed spoken and sign language interpreters.