Translation & Localization

We offer translation and localization services in any language for compliance documents, employee handbooks, marketing materials and social media campaigns, patient-centric healthcare and regulatory documentation, websites, and multimedia assets. Our comprehensive language access solution, industry-specific knowledge, linguistic experience, and subject-matter expertise, sets us apart from automated translation solutions.

Phoenix Offers Translation Services In All Major Languages.

Every translation we produce involves a translator, editor, and a proofreader. We work with a worldwide network of over 2,500 certified translators, editors, and subject-matter experts to meet the highest quality-control standards. Quality assurance is carried out by our project management team to ensure consistency and content integrity.

Our Process Includes:

Our Process Includes:


All projects are assigned to experienced translators who are native speakers of the target language, have at least three years of experience in translation and will accurately convey the subtleties of meaning in the target language. We use technology to support the translation process and increase productivity without sacrificing quality or the integrity of our work.


Once the initial translation is complete, files are systematically reviewed by a senior native language linguist with experience in the subject matter. Our editor will play special attention to grammatical correctness, terminology consistency, and writing style so that the translation conforms to the original text in meaning and style.


During this strict quality control phase, native speakers of the target languages and in-house proofreaders will work together to proofread all documents to verify consistency between source and target languages, as well as adherence to client instructions. At the onset of a project, we encourage our clients to invite their overseas offices to provide feedback, and fine-tune industry- and internal-specific terminology. This ensures timely deliveries within budget.

Website and Software Localization

Translation of websites and software is commonly referred to as localization to distinguish the technical processes involved. Website content, product documentation, software, etc. must be adapted and formatted to meet the conventions of the target countries. We can assist you in navigating the technical challenges in creating a multilingual web presence, including access to our full range of multimedia services to localize content in images, video and audio assets.

“Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Phoenix Language Services, Inc. to assist a client with a translation project. This was my first time utilizing this type of service, and Nicole and her team did an excellent job of not only guiding me through the process, but also supplying me with well-translated documents. If you are looking for a company that can provide excellent customer service and expertly fulfill your translation needs, I highly recommend reaching out to Nicole at Phoenix Language Services, Inc.”

Aliya Hammond

Owner, Aliya Hammond Consulting


In addition to an extensive list of languages, our professional translators also speak English. This allows us to translate to and from English in order to overcome linguistic barriers in communication. 

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